ARCatUCF Amateur Radio exam RSVP form

This is the RSVP web form for those who intend to take the Amateur Radio licensing exam session to be offered at 5:30pm Friday on some future date (listed below) at the UCF main campus. We need to know who is coming to our session so we know how many exams to order. Note that exams currently cost $15 and this is cost will be sent to ARRL. (This session is open to everyone, not just students.) Study material is readily available.

We don't currently have a date planned for the summer exam, but will hold the exam when enough people sign up.

You would like to attend which exam session?

There are 3 exams which must be taken in order, each coresponding to levels of the amateur license, but may all be taken at once. You will get the opportunity to try higher level exams in the same session after passing lower ones.

What is the first license exam you currently need?

Please provide your email address so we can let you know if there are updates on the exam session location. Meetings are in ENGR I room 456A, exams typically in 427 down the hall.


The exam question pool and other study material is available online from multiple sources. Study material can be found in google, wikipedia, and our own local tutorials. Many college students will find the material easy (but not so easy you can pass without studying). The Amateur Radio Club offers accelerated review sessions tuned for college students. We strongly recommend you try the online practice exams.

Would you be interested in attending review sessions before the next exam session?

There are no formal review sessions at this time, but you are welcome to come to our general meeting Fridays at 5:30pm in ENGR I room 456A for informal reviews or just to have questions answered.

What is your current relationship with UCF?

Note that if our session isn't convenient, there are at least 3 other exam locations in this area.